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The City Hall of Santa María la Real de Nieva


Dear friend,

As the mayor of Santa María la Real de Nieva, and on behalf of all the inhabitants, I am writing to you in order to invite you to surf our web and walk around our town.

In our web you will find plenty of information about the past and present of the municipal activity, geographic location, the town of Santa María and its annexed area, our history, architecture, official events and festivities, etc. In short, it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to get in contact with that which Santa María has and offers you. You will find directions for getting to the town, information about the 14 villages and their festivities, how to contact with services, etc.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting attraction is getting to know on site and face-to-face our streets, corners, facades, landscapes and our people. We are a typical Castillian village from the Segovian countryside; that is, sunny in the summertime and with hard winters, which are aspects that our connected to our way of life, simple and sober. We are always open to modern life and new technologies; and above all, we try to be the best hosts for our tourists.

We are located in the Way of Saint James, that crosses our streets and fills us with its historical spirit. We offer you all of this, dear web surfer, and we believe that this first contact will encourage you to visit us.

This web also allows us to disseminate different aspects related to the City Hall (municipal rules, minutes of municipal meetings, application forms, etc.), and to facilitate the contact with official services, local enterprises, etc.

I hope that after reading this greeting, you will find here what you are looking for

Best wishes in my own name and on behalf of the municipal council.

Jaime Pérez Esteban

Mayor President